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House Portraiture

A portrait of a house or a garden is simply pigments bound in oil and painted over canvas or board, but the result can evoke timeless memories that can be treasured for a lifetime.

A house or cottage can define a period of our lives. The image of the lawn can bring back memories of summer garden parties, the sound of grass cutting or the song of a blackbird. The illustration of the house can inspire recollections of leaves piled high, the taste of wind-fall apples and the surprise sight of snow on a winter's morning.

A house portrait can be held in your hands, hung wherever you call home and can be an attractive addition to any space, as well as embodying so many memories.

Hugh Greasley is a professional artist skilled in painting and drawing houses and gardens. All paintings are in oils. Black and white line illustrations also available. Most of the paintings shown on this website are 30cm x 30cm. Within reason, the portraits can be any size you like, to perfectly fit your space.

Call or email Hugh today, to discuss a possible house portrait. Prices start from £150.


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